Multi-Protocol vMotion with QLogic Converged Network Adapters

QLogic has created a demonstration that showcases both the unique ability to concurrently provide access to iSCSI and FCoE storage and how 10GbE provides a ~5x performance improvement over 1GbE when using vMotion between virtualized servers. All of this will be presented within a VMware® ESXi v5.x environment using a single QLogic® QLE8442 Converged Network Adapter per server.

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Solution Demonstration Overview

vMotion with QLogic 10Gb Converged Network Adapters
Multi-Protocol Support and 10GbE Performance Enhance VMware Functionality and Efficienc.

Solution Sheet

Enhance VMware Uptime and Efficiency
QLogic 10GE Converged Network Adapters Improve vMotions 4-5x.

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