Accelerate MS SQL Performance

QLogic outperforms in Microsoft SQL environments

Accelerate SQL performance with QLogic’s 10000 Series FabricCache Adapters with improved resource utilization, increased ROI and overall reduced costs. Benefits include:

  • Increased throughput for Microsoft SQL Server on an ESX cluster from 120MBps to 350MBps
  • Lower disk array IOPS up to 87%
  • Offload traffic from the SAN, extending its useful life and increasing ROI
  • Bring caching benefits to clustered and virtualized environments
  • Transparently integrate with existing SAN infrastructures
  • Profiling application workloads for Microsoft SQL Server ulocks I/O performance potential for enterprise applications.

These benefits translate to improved resource utilization, increased ROI on the SAN infrastructure, reduced costs, and improved overall customer satisfaction.

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QLogic 10000


Case Study: Royal Bolton Hospital - QLogic FabricCache boosts performance by more than 60 %
Third-Party Paper: FabricCache Performance Validation Preview