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QLogic FastLinQ 10GbE Adapters


Intelligent Ethernet Adapters

Intelligent 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) Power Adapter

QLogic 3400 Series Adapter

QLogic 3400 Series

The QLogic 3400 Series 10GbE Intelligent Ethernet Adapters are OEM-proven adapters that provide exceptional value in delivering industry-leading features and performance to enable the most efficient and agile software-defined data centers (SDDNs). Designed for server and network virtualization, the 3400 Series Adapters provide stateless offload support for VXLAN/NVGRE and SR-IOV to boost server CPU efficiency and maximize application performance.

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QLogic 3200 Series Intelligent Adapter

QLogic 3200 Series

The QLogic 3200 Series 10GbE Intelligent Ethernet Adapters boast industry-leading networking performance, with dual-port throughput equaling approximately 40Gbps. The adapters are designed for use in virtualized environments, with support for  QLogic’s unique NIC Partitioning feature. NIC Partitioning allows a user to divide a physical Ethernet port into four virtual ports with flexible, user-defined allocation of 10Gbps bandwidth.

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