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QLogic Technology Drives Business Continuity

QLogic adapters deliver far superior performance:

Fact:  QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapters complete restoration of Oracle databases 51% faster than Emulex.

Fact:  QLogic 8200 Series Adapters deliver nearly twice the performance of the Emulex adapter in Linux®.

Fact:  QLogic adapters deliver the best performance while running multiple offloaded protocols.

Fact:  QLogic adapters deliver key enterprise-class features—VLAN segregation, multi-vendor teaming, VMware® NetQueue, and Microsoft® VMQ.

Fact:  QLogic adapters deliver up to 27% higher throughput compared to the Emulex adapter.

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White Papers

The QLogic 8200 Series is the Adapter of Choice for Converged Data Centers
QLogic 10GbE Converged Network Adapter outperforms Emulex.

The 8Gb Fibre Channel of Choice in Oracle Environments
QLogic's 8Gb adapters outperform Emulex—QLogic's IOPS up to 106 percent higher with Oracle workloads.

Competitive Briefs

Adapter of Choice for Oracle Environments
QLogic 2500 Series Fibre Channel Adapters outperform Emulex.

Adapter of Choice for Network Convergence
QLogic 8200 Series Converged Network Adapters outperform Emulex.

Adapter of Choice for 10Gb Ethernet Networks
QLogic 3200 Series Intelligent Ethernet Adapter outperforms Emulex.

Solution Sheet

QLogic Adapter of Choice for Critical Business Systems
QLogic adapters deliver the most comprehensive and robust business continuity solution.

Media Coverage

QLogic QLE8242 Dual-Port 10GbE Converged Network Adapter
Tolly Test Report – QLogic Converged Network Adapter: FCoE performance and teaming failover.


QLogic Know How - NIC Teaming on QLogic 10GbE Adapters for Windows Server
QLogic 10Gb Ethernet adapters boast industry-leading Ethernet performance, achieving dual-port, line-rate 10-gigabit Ethernet (GbE) throughput.

QLogic Interoperability Report

Interoperability Report Family Storage Networking
The QLogic Storage Networking Interoperability Guide includes multi-vendor certification information for QLogic Fibre Channel and iSCSI products.