Supercharge your existing SAN
with shared caching.

  • Breakthrough innovation in mission critical application acceleration
  • Application and hypervisor transparent, infrastructure and storage system agnostic
  • No additional drivers required, dramatically simplifies server-based caching
  • Transparently share flash-based cache across servers using existing SAN infrastructure
  • Blazing fast performance for multi-server clusters and virtualized environments

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Are your enterprise applications demanding more transactions and less time waiting for data?

Is your SAN storage having trouble keeping up with critical application performance demands?

Do you have clustered applications or virtual servers waiting on storage I/O?



  • The FabricCache QLE10000 adapter seamlessly integrates a Fibre Channel HBA, I/O management and caching intelligence onto a single card
  • For the first time, a server-based cache can be shared transparently across applications running in multi-server virtualized or clustered environments
  • Significantly boosts I/O performance with no changes to applications, operating system, hypervisor, infrastructure or storage
  • Uses a single, battle-hardened standard QLogic driver to dramatically simplify installation, management and maintenance
  • Maintains existing SAN data protection and compliance policies
  • Builds on QLogic's position as the leading provider of enterprise SAN adapters to bring a new category of performance-enhancing solutions that are easy to deploy and address some of the most performance-challenged environments in the data center

"At Constant Contact...the beta test of Mt. Rainier proved very capable in meeting those needs, providing us with the ability to scale our infrastructure to meet the growing needs of our customer base without sacrificing a seamless user experience."

– Stefan Piesche, CTO of Constant Contact

"QLogic’s FabricCache brings a valuable contribution to the problem of where to add flash-cache within a storage area network. For FC SAN environments this is a simpler and lower cost implementation to install, manage and grow."

– David Floyer, CTO and co-founder of Wikibon

"QLogic’s FabricCache QLE10000 adapter redefines server-based caching with the industry’s first caching SAN adapter that makes SSDs a shared SAN resource. Solutions like the QLE10000 adapter will finally enable clustered enterprise applications..."

- Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst of Taneja Group.

"I/O performance is the most difficult area for virtualization... Solutions that can address these I/O challenges using technologies like shareable server side caching, such as QLogic's FabricCache QLE10000, are likely to be well received in the industry."

- Gary Chen, research manager, Cloud and Virtualization System Software at IDC

Solving the I/O Performance Gap with QLogic