EMC Partnership


For years, EMC has qualified and integrated QLogic's Fibre Channel Adapters for use with its award-winning CLARiiON and Symmetrix storage systems. QLogic now offers EMC customers a broad portfolio of storage area networking infrastructure to complete your EMC Cloud and Big Data solutions.

QLogic Adapters: The "-E" Advantage

QLogic is the market share leader in Fibre Channel Adapters, and for EMC environments, there is no better choice than QLogic "-E" for Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

-E Advantage Description
E-Lab™ tested and ESM listed All QLogic 8Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel Adapters have passed the rigorous qualification testing required to be listed on the EMC Support Matrix. With QLogic -E, Customers can be assured of EMC compatibility and support.
Pre-configured E-Lab settings QLogic -E adapters are shipped with uniquely defined E-Lab settings for seamless integration into EMC SAN environments. Non -E adapters require manual settings in the adapter BIOS utility, and complex NVRAM management.
Consistent EMC I/O path An EMC SAN is more than just the storage. Because adapters are in the data path, customers typically call EMC for support, even though it might be a server issue. Using a -E adapter ensures consistency of the EMC SAN from the LUN to the host.
Superior support infrastructure First-level support from the customer's preferred Info-X distribution vendor is backed by EMC Global Support teams, E-Lab, and EMC engineering. In addition, the customer can take advantage of QLogic's worldwide support.
On-site E-Lab support QLogic has placed full-time technical support resources on-site in Hopkinton to work with E-lab on QLogic -E adapter support issues.
Easy access to the latest updates All the latest EMC-approved operating system (OS) drivers, BIOS kits, multi-boot kits, management utilities, and more, are posted on QLogic's EMC driver download website, and monitored by E-Lab to ensure alignment with the ESM.
EMC quality controlled components To comply with EMC's strict and extensive qualification and approval process, QLogic can only build -E adapters with specific vendor components, as determined by EMC's Manufacturing and Quality engineering Division. Buying -E ensures that the components on the adapter are approved by EMC and have met all of EMC's rigorous quality standards.
Flexible deployment across servers QLogic -E adapters can be deployed across multiple OSs. Bulk purchases ensure that the customer has spare adapters on site to deploy at a moment's notice, and that adapters can be transferred among servers as needed.