Cisco Partnership


QLogic, the leader in Fibre Channel and FCoE, iSCSI and Ethernet, pioneered FCoE with partners including Cisco. Cisco and QLogic have a long and deep history in working together to bring innovative solutions to the market. QLogic partnered with Cisco to bring to market high-performance Fibre Channel and FCoE Adapters designed for the Cisco UCS blade and rack-mount servers.

New Models for Cisco Based on Next-Generation Servers (Romley) Powered by New Intel Xeon E5 Processor
Description Cisco Part Number Server Models
QLE8242-CSC 10Gb FCoE, stand-alone PCIe, Dual-Port, Converged Network Adapter 74-10476-0 C200 M3
C210 M3
C250 M3
C460 M3
QMC8242-CSC 10Gb FCoE, Mezzanine Card PCIe, Dual-Port, Converged Network Adapter 74-9930-01

B200 M3
B230 M3
B250 M3
B440 M3