Management Team


QLogic leaders know what it takes to develop the quality products and dependable business relationships required by large OEM and VAR customers. Years of pioneering experience in diverse engineering and OEM sales/manufacturing environments have given the QLogic management team a comprehensive vision of technology as well as an end-to-end understanding of the strategic business needs of the company's customers. Like all QLogic employees, QLogic leaders consider themselves an integral part of each customer's long-term success.


H.K. Desai Prasad Rampall Jean Hu Rob Crawford

H. K. Desai
Chairman of the Board
and Executive Chairman

Prasad Rampalli
President and
Chief Executive Officer

Jean Hu
Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Rob Crawford
Senior Vice President,
Worldwide Sales
Rob Davis Phil A. Felando Roger J. Klein Michael L. Hawkins
Rob Davis
Vice President,
Chief Technology Officer

Phil A. Felando
Vice President,
Human Resources
Roger J. Klein
Senior Vice President &
General Manager
Michael L. Hawkins
Vice President,
General Counsel
and Secretary